Episode 50: What is a Nerd, Nerds VS. Geeks, Top Nerdy Moments of 2014

It’s our 50th episode spectacular! We bring back your favorite guests to answer the essential question of what is a nerd? How are nerds different from geeks? Has our understanding of these terms changed over time? What is geek culture? How is it liberating and in what ways do the “fake geek girl/boy” backlash limit fans? What does the mainstreaming of science fiction, fantasy, and comic books mean for the future of nerdery and geekdom? We share our favorite nerdy moments from 2014. Special guests: Diana Chang (host of Without a License), Derek Bishop (speculative fiction writer), Bill Wadman (photographer, cohost of On Taking Pictures), Nhu-An (lover of learning).

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Show Notes

  • 0:00 - 1:03:17: What is a Nerd? Nerds versus geeks. 
  • 1:03:18 - 1:23:52: Top Nerdy Moments of 2014. 


Top Nerdy Moments of 2014

  • Diana: Playing Dungeons and Dragons for the first time.
  • Derek: Revisiting LOST.
  • Bill: Playing with 8x10" negative cameras.
  • Nhu-An: Reading American Prometheus.
  • Conrad: Starting Super Fantastic Nerd Hour
  • Ali: Seeing the next generation of nerd