Episode 58: Black Mirror, Black Mirror VS. The Twilight Zone, Top 5 TV Anthologies

Black Mirror

“The faker the fodder is the more you love it.” We explore (without spoilers) Charlie Brooker’s British anthology series Black Mirror. What makes this 2011 speculative fiction series unlike anything else on TV? Why is it gaining popularity now? What is the series saying about our relationship with 21st century technology? In the INFINITE CROSSOVER CHAMBER, who has the more piercing social commentary — Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone? We share our top 5 TV anthologies.

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Show Notes

  • 0:00 - 49:35: Black Mirror (non-spoilers)
  • 49:36 - 1:05:31: INFINITE CROSSOVER CHAMBER: Black Mirror VS. The Twilight Zone
  • 1:05:32 - 1:28:25 : Top 5 TV Anthologies


Top 5 TV Anthologies


  1. Amazing Stories
  2. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  3. Mystery! 
  4. Tales from the Crypt
  5. Tales from the Darkside


  1. The Outer Limits
  2. Tales from the Crypt
  3. Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  4. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  5. The Wonderful World of Disney