Episode 14: WonderCon Recap, WonderCon VS. San Diego Comic Con, Top 5 Fan Gatherings

Cliff Chiang's WonderCon 2014 logo

Cliff Chiang's WonderCon 2014 logo

The best of WonderCon 2014! We discuss the things that make conventions such an awesome experience and highlight the coolest panels from this year's WonderCon. In the INFINITE CROSSOVER CHAMBER, what's the best place to connect with nerds - WonderCon or San Diego Comic Con? We share our top 5 fan gatherings.

Science in Science Fiction (check out their book)

The Indoor Kids live at WonderCon

Top 5 Fan Gatherings


  1. The Internet
  2. PAX East
  3. Comic book stores
  4. Midnight releases
  5. Board game meetups 


  1. The Internet
  2. Comic book stores
  3. 1990s video game arcades
  4. Midnight releases
  5. Nerdy trivia nights

Honorable Mentions:

  • Renaissance Fairs
  • Anywhere you wear a geeky t-shirt